About Turkish

Do you know anything about Turkey and the Turkish?

Turkish is one of the major languages of the world with over 70 million speakers. U.S Department of State has listed Turkish as a Critical Language to encourage the students to explore culture and build relationship with other countries.  Turkish is the official language of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is a transcontinental country is located between Europe and Asia.

Learning a new language are usually interested and each language might have unique grammar structure. Turkish grammar structure follows subject-object-verb (he me loves) and it also has vowel harmony.  Vowel harmony is the vowels in suffixes can be change according last vowels in the headword. On the other hand, Turkish language builds a sentence with one single word through suffixes such as “Gerceklestirilemeyenlerdir”. This is a one-word sentences and it is meaning “those are the things which could not be real” how fascinating is right!!

Have you ever think about to learn Turkish?

Leaning new language is fascinating! And it opens door to learn to culture, people and other languages. Let’s join our Turkish program to explore the unique Turkish culture and the others. You will have opportunity to explore the language with native speaker. We are looking forward to have you in our program.