American Sign Language

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Why Learn ASL?

About 70 million deaf people use sign language as their first language. For students planning careers in education, healthcare, and many other fields, sign language can be an asset.

More Information about ASL

Studying American Sign Language at UA

Our ASL courses are generally designed around two purposes:

  • General or educational purposes
  • Medical purposes

With different purposes, the contents of the courses are different. For general or educational purposes, the courses are like other foreign language courses, focusing on communication and information exchange in an everyday setting. As for medical purposes, the focus of the course is on how to help patients, with a lot of specific vocabulary and settings. Students with a nursing major or who are following a prehealth track might find ASL to be beneficial for their future careers. We can also have a general purpose course with some lessons addressing the medical purposes.

Meet the Instructor

My name is Tabitha Venable, I grew up in Hope Hull, Alabama. When I was 4 years old, I lost my hearing from Spinal Meningitis. After I lost my hearing, my mother took me to Sign Language classes. Ever since I was 4 years old, I have been using Sign Language. I have been teaching ASL since 2009. Graduated from Gallaudet University with Bachelor in Deaf Studies and Masters in American Sign Language Education. I enjoy teaching American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, work with parents who have the deaf child, language deprived deaf children and rescue Deaf dogs.

Peek Inside an ASL Class

IMPORTANT NOTE for Native/Near-Native Signers

Critical Language courses are for enthusiastic students seeking practical language skills. Native /near native signers are NOT allowed to take any CLC courses in their native languages. 101 classes are strictly for total beginners. Any students with background knowledge (including heritage students) of the selected language must contact the CLC director for appropriate class level BEFORE registration. CLC classes are self-instructional and are best suited for highly motivated and disciplined students. Please feel free to explore the languages offered by the CLC.