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Welcome to Swahili at the CLC!

Did you know that you have occasionally been using some Swahili words while speaking English? Loanwords like safari (journey), chai (tea), jenga (to build) or siri (secret) have found their way from Swahili — the most widely spoken language in sub-Saharan Africa — into the English language. Join our unique Swahili program for a wonderful learning experience!

a surreal desert landscape in Namibia

Huwezi kujua ukiwezacho mpaka umejaribu.

You cannot know what you can do until you have tried.

Swahili Lessons and Videos

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Ndovu ni mnyama mkubwa lakini hazai mapacha.

The elephant is a big animal but she does not give birth to twins.

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IMPORTANT NOTE for Native/Near-Native Speakers

Critical Language courses are for enthusiastic students seeking practical language skills. Native /near native speakers are NOT allowed to take any CLC courses in their native languages. 101 classes are strictly for total beginners. Any students with background knowledge (including heritage students) of the selected language must contact the CLC director for appropriate class level BEFORE registration. CLC classes are self-instructional and are best suited for highly motivated and disciplined students. Please feel free to explore the languages offered by the CLC.