Korean FAQ

Q1. Where is Korean language spoken?

It is officially spoken in Korea by more than 75 million people (including both South and North Korea).

Q2. When was Korean language invented and who invented?

In 1443, King Sejong invented Korean writing system, Hangul. Before Hangul was invented, Chinese character was used to represent the sounds of Korean. However, because of difference between Chinese and Korean, Chinese characters could not denote Korean speech. Thus, King Sejong invented an efficient and excellent phonetic system for the people to read and write easily.

Q3. How is Hangul consisted of?

Hangul is consisted of 19 consonants and 21 vowels.


Korean Alphabet
Korean Alphabet


Korean Alphabet
Korean Alphabet 

Q4. How can I make the word?

It is easy to make the word. You have only to layout the consonant and the vowels like below.

 Consonant VowelConsonantVowel


가방 (a bag)

Q5.  Useful expressions?

  1. Hello. 안녕하세요? [An Nyeog Ha Se Yo ?)
  2. Nice to meet you. 만나서 반가워요 [Man Na Seo Ban Ga Weo Yo]
  3. Good bye. 안녕히 가세요 [An Nyeong He Ga Se Yo]

Q6.  Are there good things to learn Korean?

Today, K-pop or K-drama are very popular in the world. If you learn Korean, you can enjoy them without subtitles and communicate with Korean people. Let’s start to learn Korean at the CLC!! Our program provides you with KOR 101 through 302 levels. Do not hesitate to register and enjoy learning Korean language and cultures.