How to Enroll

Our online Korean courses are offered through The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for high school students, college and graduate students, and adult learners. You can enroll in the online (900 or 920 sections) KOR 101 (3 credit hours) or KOR 102 (3 credit hours) courses and study anytime or anywhere, as long as you keep up with the Course Schedule and finish by the end of the term!

High School Students
If you are still in high school and want to receive college or dual credit, you must enroll in online courses through the University of Alabama’s Early College Program.

All others
Off-campus students, or “distance learners” wishing to enroll in these courses for college credit must first apply to The University of Alabama for admission as a non-degree seeking undergraduate distance learner. ( To apply for admission, visit the UA Admissions page, and once you have created a user account, select Distance Programs. Then choose Distance Programs Non-Degree Application to apply.

Once you have been officially admitted to UA, you are now ready to select an online course and enroll. All enrollments for UA credit courses are processed online through The myBama site gives instructions on how to enroll and instructions on fee payment. See tuition rates on the University’s website.

If you do not want a final grade in the course, you may request to enroll for audit status. You will still receive the same quality instruction; you just do not have to take proctored tests. Please email Laurie Arizumi to change to Audit status once you have enrolled in the course.