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Who Can Enroll?

Our online Korean courses are offered through The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for current college students, graduate students, high school students (through Early College), and adult learners. Students must be distance learners. High school students will need to qualify (go to the Early College website link above), but anyone else with a high school diploma or equivalent can apply to the UA Bama by Distance program.

What is the History of the Online Korean Courses and How do they Work?

The University of Alabama language department has a long history of offering distance learning language courses. The first Critical Language course, Japanese via live satellite TV, began in 1989 and is still popular today via internet delivery. Our new Korean 101 and 102 courses follow the same successful and popular format as our award-winning online Japanese courses emphasizing PRIVATE tutoring with a UA-assigned tutor chosen from candidates here on our UA campus. Students can also form group sessions if they want, but it is not mandatory to meet as a class synchronously. This makes our courses the most flexible for busy students.

Who are the Tutors?

Tutors are mainly hired from among the population of UA students. Some tutors are native Korean speakers, and others are American students who have studied Korean for many years. They are chosen for their patience, reliability, and ability to speak both Korean and English fluently. Since they are in our office, we can closely monitor them and make sure you receive a quality experience.

Well Then, What Does the Instructor Do?

Your Instructor, Laurie Arizumi, makes sure you have the best learning experience possible by supervising the tutors, maintaining and updating the materials in Blackboard Learn, working with your proctor, entering your grades, sending progress reports (Early College students only), and talking with you whenever you need help with anything in the course. You will email Laurie first if you have any questions, concerns or problems with the course (navigation or broken links etc.), your grades, or the tutors.

Are Students Allowed to Speak English in their Tutoring Sessions?

Yes. This is not an immersion course, and students may ask questions about Korean grammar and culture in English. Our tutors are all fluent in English as well as Korean. Students rarely feel intimidated to talk freely with us!

How Do Students Take Written Tests?

Students take written paper-pencil tests with a local proctor they find. Proctors can be current or former teachers, media specialists, counselors, etc. There are also free Testing Services in many colleges, or Testing Centers where you pay a small fee.

What are the Written Tests Like?

There is one short written test per chapter that is to be handwritten in Korean. Items are very similar to the workbook activities, so if a student takes time and carefully and thoughtfully completes homework, and studies any corrections on the homework, chapter tests should be easy enough. The tutors will also explain any mistakes in your homework to you in English so you can relearn if needed and better study for tests. The final written exam for KOR 101 is multiple choice, and the final exam for KOR 102 is much like the chapter tests, but longer with a variety of items, including short answer, multiple-choice, matching, short essays, and free writing.