How to conduct effective language session

How to manage your practice session in self-study system

For CLC language trainers:
Watch the video segments for each part of the session. Observe the liveliness, timing, how to lead students effectively in drill.
1. Make sure your students know that they should study BEFORE coming to your session.
2. Use pictures/props to avoid English translation
3. Give enough time for them to practice. You can use chorus technique.
4. Think about timing so as not to lose students’ attention.
5. Assign student randomly (to keep everyone’s attention).

A. Review from previous session

Make sure they make sentences directly from pictures.
They can avoid “English translation habit” this way.

B. Let students make basic sentences using the words they just learned.

Be careful of timing/speed to let them think.

C. Extend the basic sentences with other factors.

Emphasize the important point [particle for location]